And today I’m going to show you how to set up your Amazon Fire, Stick 4K., Here’s what I’ll be using the Amazon Fire Stick: 4K: two AAA batteries that are included in the box and your Amazon and network login Credentials.

I’ll also be using a smartphone, but you don’t need one to complete the process.. It does make the process a little easier, especially if you want to pair additional devices.. Also later in the video I’ll, be setting up this Amazon, Echo device.

. Of course that’s optional, but here’s what I’ll be using a smartphone, the Alexa app already installed, and the Echo device. All right. Let’S get started. First connect your Fire TV Stick 4K to an available HTMI port on your TV.

. If your TV is like mine and the Fire Stick doesn’t quite fit, you can use the included dongle to connect it. ( soft music ) Connect the power cord into the device and plug the other end into an available outlet.

Turn on your TV and switch its Input to the right, HTMI port. Now insert the batteries into the Alexa voice remote by sliding down the back cover before you start the pairing process., The pairing process should start automatically, but if your remote doesn’t pair successfully take out the batteries and put them back in.

, Most of the time that little trick will fix the problem, but if you still can’t get your remote to pair try pressing the home button for 10 seconds to put your remote into pairing, mode. You’ll see the LED flashing.

Now follow the prompts on your TV screen And press the Play/Pause button on your remote. After you select your preferred language. The system will start scanning for available networks. Select the network that you’d like to use, enter your WiFi, password and press the Play/Pause button to continue.

. Once your device connects to your network, it will automatically check for new updates and install them.. Once it’s fully updated select, I already have an Amazon account or create one. If you don’t have one already.

, You can log into your Amazon account directly from your TV, but the easiest ways to grab your smartphone or a computer or tablet. Now navigate to the website shown on your TV and enter the activation code displayed on the screen.

. Once your device is properly registered to your Amazon account select continue.. The system will now walk you through a few options, including saving your WiFi password to your account.. Choosing, yes, will allow you to set up other Amazon devices faster in the future, but it’s up to you.

. This system will also ask you, if you’d like to restore from a previous backup and if you’d like to use parental controls., Choose the options that work best for you and remember. You can always change these settings down the road.

. The Fire TV Stick. 4K. Will now attempt to detect the TV it’s plugged into, so you can control the power and volume from a single remote. Most of the time it can figure this out on its own. But if it doesn’t detect your TV choose your brand from the list and select next to continue.

, Follow the steps to connect your remote to the TV.. Now it’s time to set up your new remote, so it can control volume on your compatible TV or soundbar.. The system will walk you through a few steps.

First point: the remote at the TV and press, the plus and minus buttons to make sure it can control your volume. Select the appropriate option here to do more configuring or continue with the next step.

If you’re able to control the volume successfully. Once your remote is fully set up, select okay. At this point, you’re almost done with the setup., You can select streaming services that you’d like to install or skip for now.

. Finally, if you’d like to create a child’s profile, you can choose that option here or choose not now to continue. Your Fire TV Stick. 4K setup is complete and you should see your home tab. From here.

You can navigate to all of your various apps and begin streaming. Want to make your streaming experience even more convenient. You can also set up hands-free voice control with an Amazon Echo device., Open your Alexa app on your smartphone and tap more.

, Select settings and scroll down to find the TV and video option. Tap it and then tap Fire TV. Select, link your Alexa device and choose Fire TV. Then tap continue., Finally choose the Alexa device that you’d like to use to control your Fire TV device and tap link.

Devices. Now try using some voice commands like “ Alexa, find comedies” or “ Alexa open Prime Video.” There’s a whole list of commands. You can use and you can always find more on Amazon’s help and customer service page.

And that’s it.. You can now stream content through your Fire TV Stick 4K without needing to pick up your remote.. Hopefully this video was helpful. If it was give it a like.. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more tech tips from Best Buy.

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